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How to make Mustard

I made my own mustard for the first time today. It was actually about 10 times easier than I imagined it to be. It will keep in the fridge for 2-3 weeks. Make a double batch and share with a friend.


2 Tablespoons powdered mustard

1 Tablespoon turmeric

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon sugar

water/mixture water and white vinegar

I took my mortar and pestle and ground the mustard seed into powder, because I like doing things the hard way!

Combine all of your dry ingredients

Add in the water/vinegar until desired consistency

Place in a small jar and enjoy! It really does taste so much better than store bought, and you have the satisfaction of making it yourself.

Smokehouse update!

The smokehouse is sooo close to being finished! As you can see Frosty the snowman is sitting where the smoker will be.

The weather is almost cool enough to start curing our hams.

It’s funny to think that this humble 6 x 6 building was just a pile of wood a few weeks ago!

Red Slaw Recipe


3 heads of cabbage

1 1/2 bell peppers

2 – 1 lb. cans of crushed tomato

1- 1/2 lb. can crushed tomato

Apple Cider Vinegar




Texas Pete

This made about 1.5 gallons of slaw


Peel off outer cabbage leaves

cut cabbage into wedges


Grind cabbage


Add chopped bell pepper


Add crushed tomato

add remaining ingredients to taste

Mix well and store in a large jar

You can cut this recipe down. Store in the fridge



Keeping Chickens

Chicken coopChickens are wonderful backyard buddies, and are easy for anyone to care for. They not only provide fresh eggs, but all natural fertilizer (aka chicken poop), bug control, and are like little garbage disposals as they hungrily gobble up table scraps and peelings of almost any kind.

Hi Gertrude!

Did you know that a hen does not need a rooster in order to lay eggs?

This is a fact that many people tend to overlook.

Check back tomorrow to “meet the girls” and old’ Sinbad the rooster too!

Smokehouse progress

smokehouseThe smokehouse is almost finished! All that’s left to do is finish one wall, the front porch, and put the cedar shingles on top. In a few more weeks we will start curing our country hams.

Oyster Stew Recipe

oyster stew

oyster stew


-2 cans of oysters (not raw)

-1 stick of butter

-1 gallon milk

-salt and pepper to taste

melt butter

melt butter

pour in milk

pour in milk

salt and pepper to taste

dump oysters through fine mesh strainer, be sure to save the juice

dump oysters through fine mesh strainer, be sure to save the juice

dump the juice through the strainer into the bowl of oysters

Dump oyster and juice into the milk mixture stirring frequently to prevent from sticking

Turn down heat until ready to serve. Delicious on a cold winter day! And don’t forget the crackers 🙂 This recipe makes  10 – 12 generous servings. If you have never tried oysters, or oyster stew you really should. I thought it would be nasty, but it is sooooo delicious. Enjoy!

Building a smokehouse Steps 2 & 3


White is the sealer

The next step in building a smokehouse is to pour the concrete floor. After you finish this, you can apply sealer to the cinder blocks. There are lots of different brands available, check with your local hardware store. The purpose of sealing is to keep any moisture from getting through the cinder block foundation. Silicone may be applied between the cinder blocks and the top plate (boards laying directly on top of the blocks).

Now you can begin framing your smoke house.

framing a smokehouse

framing the smokehouse

Frosty Morning

Picking greens

Picking greens

We started out early this morning picking a big mess of greens. We planted the seed several weeks ago, and really just let the garden do its thing. We haven’t once watered or weeded the green patch, and it still gives us good eatin’ !



Speaking of good eats, nothing is quite like a turnip with salt. Not cooked or anything. Just a raw turnip with a dash of salt. Try it sometime.

green bucket

mess o' greens

Always remember that whatever you pick will shrink down to about half when you cook them. So make sure you get enough!greensAnd don’t forget the vinegar.

Cow Riding 101

cow riding

I ride cows... that aint no bull 🙂

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of riding Roscoe at a birthday party.
I have ridden horses before, but Roscoe was about 100 times cooler.
He dosn’t get in a hurry, he dosn’t spook, and most importantly he has giant horns:) What more could a girl ask for?

cow riding

Riding Roscoe

See ya later!

Going to the saw mill

The logs

The mighty oaks

We made a trip to the saw mill today, these are the giant logs that will be turned into our lumber.

The saw mill

The saw mill

Here is the “Timber King” that will cut our mighty oak logs.

The finished product

Cedar boards

This is an example of the beautiful wood that the saw mill can cut. We will go back to pick up our lumber very soon!

wet chickens

wet chickens

And here is a picture of my wet chickens! They would rather be out in the rain than “cooped up” on a wet day.

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