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Smokehouse update!

The smokehouse is sooo close to being finished! As you can see Frosty the snowman is sitting where the smoker will be.

The weather is almost cool enough to start curing our hams.

It’s funny to think that this humble 6 x 6 building was just a pile of wood a few weeks ago!


Smokehouse progress

smokehouseThe smokehouse is almost finished! All that’s left to do is finish one wall, the front porch, and put the cedar shingles on top. In a few more weeks we will start curing our country hams.

Building a smokehouse Steps 2 & 3


White is the sealer

The next step in building a smokehouse is to pour the concrete floor. After you finish this, you can apply sealer to the cinder blocks. There are lots of different brands available, check with your local hardware store. The purpose of sealing is to keep any moisture from getting through the cinder block foundation. Silicone may be applied between the cinder blocks and the top plate (boards laying directly on top of the blocks).

Now you can begin framing your smoke house.

framing a smokehouse

framing the smokehouse

Building a smokehouse from the ground up : Step 1

The smokehouse foundation

The smokehouse foundation

When choosing the location for your smokehouse it is important to choose a place with a slight grade. You want to be slightly below the frost line.

As you can see, we laid our block in a six foot by six foot square. You can make it any size you want depending on budget, and how much meat you will be smoking.  This is all we have done so far. Come back soon to check our progress.

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